Replacing the old temic on the Renault Megane - It's easy!

The Temic - What does it do?

Actually "Temic" is a brand name associated with a number of different electronic automotive modules.
However, their window regulator module fails so frequently, that "temic" is now used as a generic term to refer just to the window module, even if its not a genuine original.

The purpose of the module is to control the window operation, so that when you press the "up" switch, the window goes up, and when you press the "down" switch it goes down.
That's the basic function, and of course it's pretty much vital you have it.
But the module does more than that - It also has so-called "comfort" features - those little touches that make motoring that bit more enjoyable.
* It has "one-touch" - where you press the switch for a second, and the window keeps going until it reaches the top or bottom.
* It has "anti-pinch" which ensures that the window will stop, and reverse, if it detects an obstruction (such as childrens' fingers).
* It has "total closure", where you can lock all the doors and shut all the windows from your remote.
(Only active on vehicles that enable this feature)
* On the Renault Megane Cabrio CC, it enables all the windows to co-ordinate with raising and lowering of the roof.

What goes wrong?

There's nothing at all wrong with the design of the electronic circuit.
The problem is moisture which finds its way in - no doubt assisted by regular dousings of rainwater  running down the wiring as a result not very good window seals.
The moisture then gently rots away the circuits and components, and the module eventually fails.

How to fix it?

If your window has stopped working, first you need to find out if it is actually the temic at fault, or whether there is a different cause.
Find out easily by just listening when you press the up or down switch.
If you can hear the sound of a motor turning, or attempting to, then the cause will be mechanical (see below).
Otherwise, if there is just silence, or perhaps the sound of a relay click, the fault will be electrical, which almost always means the temic is faulty.

To replace the temic, you can choose whether to go for a full function replacement, or one of our economical minicubes™.
The video above shows you how to gain access to the module and replace it with a mini cube™ or a replacement temic.

Mechanical faults

Mechanical problems include broken and frayed steel cables, and broken plastic clips.
If this is the case, you will be able to hear the motor turning, or at least trying to.
To fix this, you will need to remove the whole door card.
In our opinion, although this is probably achievable by the average handyman, replacing the door card is more demanding, especially on the Renault Megane.
If you feel competent to do this, please see the video below.
We do not offer solutions to mechanical problems with the window, but we do know that suitable parts are available at very reasonable prices - but not from your main dealer!
Please ensure you are satisfied that your fault is mechanical, rather than electrical, before looking elsewhere.


Mechanical problem? How to remove a Megane door card to investigate further.

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Why choose the mini cube™?

The Mini-cube™ is the simple, inexpensive and easy-to-install replacement for any temic (excluding cabrios).
Or purchase one of our replacement temics with all the comfort functions.


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