Replacing the old module on the Megane - It's easy!

The problem

Renault electric windows are prone to problems, both mechanical and electrical.

Whatever the cause, if you go to a Renault garage, the only option they will give you is to replace the complete window regulator assembly at a cost of several hundred pounds.

If you are prepared to repair it yourself, or use an independent garage, you will be able to fix the problem at a much lower cost.

First you need to determine if the fault is electrical or mechanical, and all you need to do this is to observe exactly what is happening.
At this stage, you don't need to remove anything!

Electrical Faults

Electrical problems are almost exclusively caused by failure of the module.
These are the common symptoms associated with module failure:

* The window is dead, and there are no sounds other than maybe a faint click on pressing the switch.
* It operates of its own accord.
* The window will only "inch" up or down.
* It operates in the wrong direction.
* The fault is intermittent.

If you experience any of these symptoms, your module will almost certainly be the cause.
You can buy an inexpensive replacement here to replace the original - our mini cube™.
Unfortunately, you will lose the "one-touch" feature and any remote function (if your vehicle has it).
The mini-cube just sends the window up or down whilst you hold the switch.
However, this solution is simple and inexpensive, and there is no need to initiate the window on fitting.

Alternatively, you could purchase a refurbished original Temic module from our associates, QER Ltd.
Here, you will retain all the comfort features of the original module, ie "one-touch" (where the window rises or falls to the end stop with just a single touch), and  "total closure" (where an open window automatically closes when you double click your remote - although not all models have this feature enabled).

If you have the megane CC Coupe Cabriolet, we also offer an alternative special module that retains all the original features: the cabrio minibox module.

The fix

The video above shows you how to gain access to the module and replace it with a mini cube™ or a replacement original module.
Happy motoring!

Mechanical faults

Mechanical problems include broken and frayed steel cables, and broken plastic clips.
If this is the case, you will be able to hear the motor turning, or at least trying to.
To fix this, you will need to remove the whole door card.
In our opinion, although this is probably achievable by the average handyman, replacing the door card is more demanding, especially on the Megane.
If you feel competent to do this, please see the video below.
We do not offer solutions to mechanical problems with the window, but we do know that suitable parts are available at very reasonable prices - but not from your Renault dealer!
Please ensure you are satisfied that your fault is mechanical, rather than electrical, before looking elsewhere.

Mechanical problem? How to remove the door card to investigate further.

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Why choose the mini cube™?

The Mini-cube™ is the simple,
inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for Renault Megane 2, Renault Scenic 2 and Renault Clio 3 built between 2002-2009


Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

The QDI Mini-Cube™ is manufactured in-house by our experienced technicians.
We use only top quality components, and we encapsulate the whole assembly in fire-resistant, moisture-proof, epoxy resin.

All products are thoroughly tested before despatch and carry a full 12 month guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return for a full refund within 30 days.