Replacing the old module on the similar Renault Megane window - It's easy!

The problem

In May 2011, the Guardian's money section featured a complaint from a reader whereby she paid Renault £250 in 2009 for her near side window regulator to be fixed, only to get the same fault appear in her offside door in 2011.

The Renault Scenic electric windows frequently fail, often opening on their own and then remaining open, or simply they may simply stop working, or act erratically.
Owners opting for a repair by a Renault agent may find the experience very expensive, with a charge of over £250 not being uncommon.
Alternatively, independent garages can often source aftermarket parts at a lower price, or owners may consider taking the diy route.

The cause

Mechanical or electrical failure may be the cause of the problem.
Simply listening to what is happening will determine which it is.

A grinding, chattering or whirring noise indicates a mechanical problem.
Simply the fact that the motor can be hear to turn, when there is no movement of the glass, demonstrates that an electrical cause is unlikely.
Electrical failure is characterised by no sounds at all, save perhaps for the single click of a relay.
Alternatively, a window that operates of its own accord must have a problem with its electronic controls.

If the cause is mechanical, further investigation is needed to pinpoint the component that has failed.
Frequently this turns out to be a snapped steel cable or a plastic clip - parts you can buy online for a few pounds.

If the cause is electrical / electronic, the usual cause is a breakdown of the 6-pin Temic electronic control module that sits on the electric motor (pictured in our animated image, top right).
New original 6-pin Temic modules are not available separately, or even with the motor, but only as part of the complete original Renault window regulator, including the motor, at a cost of several hundred pounds.

Two simple and inexpensive solutions.
Your choice

An easy and inexpensive cure for electrical / electronic faults is to replace the original 6-pin module with the QDI "mini-cube"™, which is a straightforward plug in replacement.

The "mini-cube"™ works independently of the car's computer, so it can't operate of its own accord.
It's fully encapsulated design ensures that it won't be affected by any amount of water or moisture.
Tests show that it will even continue to work when fully immersed in water.

Because of its simplified design, the original "one-touch", "anti-pinch", and remote functions are not present.

Owners wanting to retain these features can choose instead to obtain a refurbished original Temic module from our associates, QER Ltd, specialists in electronic repairs.

The one inch mini-cube can be used to replace the 6-pin Temic module used on any of the Renault Scenic 2 electric windows, front or rear.

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Why choose the mini cube™?

The Mini-cube™ is the simple,
inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for Renault Megane 2, Renault Scenic 2 and Renault Clio 3 built between 2002-2009


Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

The QDI Mini-Cube™ is manufactured in-house by our experienced technicians.
We use only top quality components, and we encapsulate the whole assembly in fire-resistant, moisture-proof, epoxy resin.

All products are thoroughly tested before despatch and carry a full 12 month guarantee.

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