Maxicube for Renault Megane 2 Cabrio windows

The problem

Owners of the Megane II CC Cabriolet Coupe often discover that a fault develops in one or more of their power windows.
They can start behave erratically, operating on their own without warning, or else else simply not working at all.
The problem lies with the electronic window regulators which are fitted to each of the vehicle's windows.
Renault only supply and fit a complete window regulator assembly, at a cost of several hundred pounds per window.
Problems may be experienced on any, or all, of the car's electric windows.

The cause

The cause of failure can be of two types - mechanical or electrical.
To determine which, listen for any noise or vibration whilst operating the window run switch.

If the motor can be heard to be running, or attempting to turn, the fault is almost certainly mechanical.
Otherwise, if there is no sound from the motor, or just a click from a relay, this indicates an electrical fault.
If the window operates of its own accord, this indicates an electrical problem also.

Typical mechanical faults are broken plastic clips and snapped steel cables.
Precise diagnosis will normally entail visual inspection following removal of the complete door card.
Pattern parts are readily available from numerous sources at very reasonable prices, but we do not supply these.

Electrical faults however, are almost always the result by moisture entering the 6-pin electronic control module on the electric window motor.
Problems can also result if communication between this module and the car's computer becomes corrupted, and this can result in unexpected operation of the window..

To obtain a new original motor module, however, the only option available is to pay Renault to fit a complete window regulator assembly, at a cost of several hundreds of pounds.

Two solutions:

If the cause is electrical, there are two possible options - fit one of our new Cabrio Temic modules, or else a refurbished original Temic module.
In either case, you need to gain access to the window regulator in the door.
For a front window, simply remove the door speaker to get to the regulator.
For a rear window, follow the relevant part of this video:


Option One - Simple and inexpensive

An inexpensive and easy fix is to replace the original 6-pin Temic module with our new Temic style module - a simple plug-in replacement

We have two versions available:

Full Function: This module retains ALL the original features found on the original Temic module, including co-ordination of the roof opening/closing with window operation, and "one-touch" rolldown.

Basic: You get "one-touch" window control with anti-pinch from the door switches, but there is no co-ordination of the windows with the roof action from the centre console switches.

The electronics are housed in an exact copy of the original case, and will operate either front or rear windows.

Temic for Renault Megane 2 Cabrio windows

* "One Touch Down"
, where the glass continues to move to the bottom of the window.
(both versions)
* "Remote Operation", which enables you to close the window with your remote.
(This feature only activates if your vehicle is equipped for it - not all models may be)
(not with Basic Temic version)

* Roof and window co-ordination, where the windows inch down whist the roof is raised or lowered (not with Basic Temic version).
* Suitable for either front or rear windows.
(both versions)
* Easy to fit, exactly the same as the original.
Initialisation is automatic, but should the direction of travel be reversed; with the engine running, simply drive the window to the top or bottom of its travel, holding the button, and wait approx 20 secs until the window moves.

Option Two - Buy refurbished

Our associates, QER Ltd, have been repairing electronic controls since 1984 and are now able to offer original Temic modules in a refurbished condition from stock, or as a repair service at a much lower cost.
QER guarantee all their controls for 12 months, and these items are carefully coated in special lacquer to guard against the effects of moisture.

Repair Service details

Please book your order, and send your faulty Temic module to:

Quality House
Reedlands Road
CA14 3YF

(Simply enclose a note stating "Please Repair" and enclose some ID so we can match up your order. Please allow approx one week in total from the day you post until the day you receive.)


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Why choose a Chemic?

The Chemic is a simple,
inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for Renault Megane Cabrio II built between 2002-2009


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