Replacing the old module on the similar Renault Megane window - It's easy!

The problem

Some Renault Clio 3 electric windows are fitted with the Temic regulator, and these are known to suffer from a number of problems that may result in one or more of the windows not functioning correctly.

Often after a period of unpredictable or intermittent action, the window simply stops working, quite often in the open position.

A problem may be experienced on any, or all, of the electric windows, whether nearside, offside, front or rear.

The cause

There are various possible root causes, but these can be divided into either mechanical or electrical in nature.

An electrical fault is characterised by no sounds coming from the electric motor (or anywhere else) when the window run switch is operated. The window unit is just "dead".
On the other hand, a grinding, knocking, or just whirring or humming noises show that the motor is operating, and it will be a mechanical problem to blame.

Mechanical faults are often something simple like a broken clip or steel cable - visual inspection after removing the door trim will be needed to pinpoint the cause.
These parts are readily available online at low cost, as is the complete mechanical assembly.

Electrical faults are usually confined to the electronic module known as the Temic, which controls the motor in conjunction with the car's computer, and the window up/down switches.
Sometimes, in extreme cases, the fault in the module causes the motor to burn out, which will be self-evident, but otherwise the motor itself is a reliable unit and unlikely to be faulty.

The original module is not available from Renault separately, or with the electric motor.
The only way to obtain a new original module from Renault is to buy a complete window regulator assembly, costing hundreds of pounds.

  Renault Clio 3 window regulator modules

The solution
Simple and inexpensive

If the cause is electrical, a quick and easy solution is to replace the original module with one of QDI's "mini-cube"™ or Temic modules
These are simple plug-in replacement for the original 6-pin Temic module.

Our Temic replacement module retains the original "one-touch" comfort function and remote operation (if originally fitted), and will replace the left or right modules for your front windows.

The QDI "mini-cube"™ module is designed to work without any connection to the car's computer.
It does away with  the unreliable electronics of the original, and operates directly from the up/down switches.

The "one-touch" function is forfeited, as is the remote operation option if present.
However, the improved reliability and low cost more than make up for this.

The "mini-cube"™ module is fully water-proof because it is totally encapsulated in epoxy resin.
Tests prove that it will even run underwater!

It can be used to fit in place of the original 6-pin Temic module, whether fitted to nearside or offside, front or rear of any Renault Clio 3.
From 2009 onwards, Renault used a much more reliable (L-shaped) motor module, that is also found in the Renault Laguna. The "mini-cube"™ will replace this also, if required.

  Renault Clio 3 window regulator modules

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Why choose the mini cube™?

The Mini-cube™ is the simple,
inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for Renault Megane 2, Renault Scenic 2 and Renault Clio 3 built between 2002-2009


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Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

The QDI Mini-Cube™ is manufactured in-house by our experienced technicians.
We use only top quality components, and we encapsulate the whole assembly in fire-resistant, moisture-proof, epoxy resin.

All products are thoroughly tested before despatch and carry a full 12 month guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return for a full refund within 30 days.