Choose a Temic?

Temic module

From our associates, QER Ltd, these units retain all the original features.
You can choose to buy a newly manufactured universal version, or at a lower price, a refurbished original Temic.
Refurbished modules are stripped down, repaired, and all weak components are replaced with new.
The circuitry is re-worked for improved moisture resistance, given a thick coat of lacquer, and the enclosure is sealed to prevent water ingress.

* "One Touch", where the glass continues to move to the end of its travel after a quick touch.
* "Anti-Pinch", so that when in "One-Touch" automatic mode, the glass stops and retracts if it meets an obstacle.
* "Remote Operation", which enables you to close the window with your remote.
(This feature only activates if your vehicle is equipped for it - not all models are)
* Cabrio roof and window co-ordination, where the windows inch down whist the roof is raised or lowered.
* Factory Fresh
* Universal fitting

 For Megane (not cabrio), Scenic (not rear), Laguna*, Clio* 3 (not rear), Espace* IV (not front).
*NB - Replaces Laguna/Clio/Espace only if original item looks like the above.
Buy Now from stock, or choose the repair service:
(Repair service details are at the bottom of the page.)

(For applications, see above)

* Choose Refurb or New
* For Renault Megane CC Coupe Cabriolet



Choose a Minicube™?

Less costly than a refurbished original module, yet retaining the same basic up/down control over the window,  these modules are manufactured in-house.
We offer 3 versions - all function the same but offer different degrees of simplicity of fitting.

Minicube™ QTxtra

Standard Version fits all, except Scenic Rear. Not recommended for Cabrio
QT-xtra minicube for Renault windows

The QTxtra features a straightforward watertight plug for the motor connector.
This keeps water out of the motor, and makes fitting a snap.
The standard version is for all models except the Scenic rear.
Otherwise, its the same as the QT version.
Not recommended for the Cabrio, as it does not work in co-ordination with the roof.


Minicube™ QT

Fits all versions. Not recommended for Cabrio
QT minicube for Renault windows

Our original design, the QT minicube is versatile - it fits all versions of the Megane 2 and Scenic 2.
(It can be used on the cabrio if you want, but you won't have window/roof coordination.)
The minicube's 4 nickel plated terminals fit straight into the vehicle's wiring harness connector,
so the minicube QT is both module and connector in one, making fitting very easy.
Not recommended for the Cabrio, as it does not work in co-ordination with the roof.


Minicube™ QL

Fits all versions. Not recommended for Cabrio
QL minicube for Renault windows

This is our economy offering.
Functionally, its no different to the QT - you just have the additional task of plugging the 4 individual terminated cables into the vehicle's wiring harness connector, as shown on the sketch below. Fitting QL minicube for Renault windows


Renault Megane 2 Choices

Renault Scenic 2 Choices


Other Renaults

Sometimes Renault fitted the Temic module to other models, including the Clio, Laguna, Espace and Modus.
If your Renault has the Temic module fitted, choose your replacement from these:

Replaces Laguna, Clio 3 Front and Espace IV Rear.
Retains all original features.

Please note QTxtra Standard fits Clio 3 Front and Espace IV Rear
May need motor leads reversed on other models.
Please note QTxtra for Scenic Rear fits Clio 3 Rear and Espace IV Front
May need motor leads reversed on some models.


Citroen and Peugeot

There is a similar Temic window module with a grey end cap.
This is fitted to some Peugeot and Citroen models.
We have developed a version of the QT minicube that will replace this unit.
Or buy a new Temic for Peugeot Citroen (not for cabrio versions)

Repair Service details

Please book your order, and send your faulty Temic module to:

Quality House
Reedlands Road
CA14 3YF

(Simply enclose a note stating "Please Repair" and enclose some ID so we can match up your order. Please allow approx one week in total from the day you post until the day you receive.)

Our happy customers

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Why choose the mini cube™?

The Mini-cube™ is the simple,
inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for Renault Megane 2, Renault Scenic 2 and Renault Clio 3 built between 2002-2009


Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

The QDI Mini-Cube™ is manufactured in-house by our experienced technicians.
We use only top quality components, and we encapsulate the whole assembly in fire-resistant, moisture-proof, epoxy resin.

All products are thoroughly tested before despatch and carry a full 12 month guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return for a full refund within 30 days.